Photography policy

At Visit from the Stork, we recognize the importance of capturing moments and memories through photography. However, we also understand the significance of safeguarding the privacy and data protection of families, children, and young people we work with. This policy outlines guidelines for photography during events and activities involving our beneficiaries and ensures that appropriate consent is obtained before any images are published on social media, websites, or any other public platforms.

1. Photography at Events and Activities:

  1. Photography Purpose: 

Photography at charity events and activities aims to capture the essence of our work, celebrate achievements, and raise awareness about our mission.

  1. Authorised Photographers: 

Only designated staff and volunteers are allowed to take photographs during charity events and activities. These individuals will be clearly identifiable through ID badges or clothing and will make their presence known to event participants as appropriate. 

  1. Respect for Privacy: 

Photography should be carried out discreetly and with respect for the privacy of all individuals, particularly children and vulnerable individuals.

  1. Safety Considerations: 

Photographers must not compromise the safety of any participants or disrupt the activities while taking photographs.

2. Consent and Data Protection:

2.1. Consent Forms: 

Prior to capturing images of individuals, including children and young people, photographers must obtain written consent from the individual’s parent/guardian or the individual themselves if they are of age (typically over 18 years old). The consent form should clearly explain the purpose of photography and how the images will be used.

2.2. Revoking Consent: 

Individuals have the right to revoke their consent for the use of their photographs at any time. In such cases, the images will be promptly removed from our records and publications.

2.3. Consent Records: 

Visit from the Stork will maintain records of all consent forms on file, including the date, name of the individual giving consent, and a copy of the signed form.

2.4. Data Protection: 

All photographs will be considered personal data and treated in accordance with GDPR (2018) data protection laws and our Privacy Policy. Photographs will be stored securely and accessed only by authorized personnel.

3. Publishing Photos on Social Media and Website:

3.1. Approval Process: 

Before publishing any photographs on the charity’s social media accounts or website, the designated staff member responsible for communications/marketing must review the images to ensure compliance with this policy and confirm that appropriate consent has been obtained.

3.2. Avoiding Identifying Information:

 When posting images, care should be taken to avoid including any personal or identifying information, such as full names or addresses, especially for children and vulnerable individuals.

3.3. Social Media Settings: 

Social media posts featuring photographs should be set to appropriate privacy settings, limiting public access to the images and ensuring they are not downloadable or shareable without authorization.

3.4. Monitoring and Reporting: 

The charity will regularly monitor its social media channels and website to ensure compliance with this policy. Any unauthorized or inappropriate photographs will be promptly removed.

4. Educational and Training Efforts:

4.1. Photography Guidelines: 

The charity will provide guidelines and training to all staff and volunteers involved in photography to ensure they understand their responsibilities and obligations under this policy.

4.2. Safeguarding Training: All staff and volunteers who work directly with families, children, and young people will receive appropriate levels of safeguarding training to help them identify and respond to any safeguarding concerns.

5. Policy Review:

5.1. Regular Review: 

This Photography Policy will be reviewed annually or more frequently if required, to ensure it remains up to date and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

5.2. Policy Communication: 

The policy will be communicated to all staff, volunteers, and stakeholders involved in photography activities at the charity.

Signed: KjPBond

Kimberly Preston-Bond



By implementing this Photography Policy, Visit from the Stork aims to protect the privacy and dignity of all individuals we serve while still being able to capture and share the important work we do.