From knowing no-one to helping others- Mary’s Story

Mary's story

Just under a year ago a local mum – Mary – joined our Peer Support group at the Emmanuel centre with her 3 month old baby. She explained she knew no-one, having moved to Salford from Nigeria with her husband and older children to study for a Masters degree.

Fast forward 12 months and Mary and her children are thriving. Mary has nearly finished her degree and she has become a regular at our Stay & Play sessions, her son is now nearly a year old and Mary has made friends and connections in the local area. Mary has accessed our subsidised nappies and wipes and her children have attended all of our holiday club sessions, so we have seen a lot of the family in 2023! Best of all, Mary has now found the confidence to become a BOOBS Peer support volunteer, as she has breastfed all of her children and wants to help mothers who are struggling.

We think she is a wonderful part of our community and we are so glad to have Mary and the children with us.

Mary recently agreed to being filmed for a special video to promote our charity launch and our 10th Birthday. Watch her story below.

If you’re a parent needing some help – please get in contact with us via social media or visit us at our Stork Store hub at the Emmanuel Centre in Salford.

We rely on donations of both items and money to be able to help families like Mary and her children – please consider supporting us.