Juliana’s Story

Juliana was referred to the Stork Support service by WAST with a 1 month old baby. 

Juliana is an asylum seeker with a husband and 3 children, waiting on the Home office to make a decision about their case. Their only income is NASS support of £35 per person per week.

The stats

Nappies, wipes and formula milk weekly/fortnightly since baby was 4 months old 

8 hours 1:1 support with BOOBS over 6 weeks

Emotional support via Whatsapp across the year 

Ad-hoc Food support via Salford Step into Action

Providing formula milk for Juliana has made a real difference to the family, ensuring the rest of the family could afford to eat with the little money they do have. We provided breastfeeding support for 3 months through our BOOBS project and then supported her to combi-feed the baby. Since April 2022 we have also supported them with cows milk for her older son and nappies when needed. Her baby will now turn 1 years old and be moved on to cows milk, significantly reducing the cost for the family and ensuring they are (slightly) more in control of their finances. 

Thanks to our national lottery funding we will be able to continue supporting Juliana and the children when needed (ad-hoc) and will be inviting her to join in with our social activities in year 2 of our project. Juliana says:

“We’re really thankful for the support we’re getting from Visit from the stork cic for our son David and Daughter Anna over the last 12 months. We’re in the UK immigration system, waiting for leave to remain and not eligible for work. The money is only NASS support atm. We can not see our lives without this help. I couldn’t breastfeed much due to a breast reduction so my daughter has been on formula milk. It’s much appreciated. We feel so blessed to have this support through these difficult times. Thank you so much.”