Fatoumatta’s Story

Fatoumatta and baby Nima have been supported by us since February 2022 when Fatoumatta was 34 weeks pregnant. She was living in temporary accommodation whilst her immigration status was sorted. She got pregnant during this time and was also granted leave to remain, however the local authority gave her permanent accommodation but without any way to cook appropriate meals for herself for 3 weeks after birth!

She is a young mum (28) and has no support network. We have supported her with new practical items for the baby such as a Moses basket and baby clothes. We used the profits from our Stork Store to do this, so she could have brand new items.  Kim completed home visits in the first two weeks after birth to assist with breastfeeding support and basics of looking after baby, and invited her to our Mothers Together group.

We also made sure she had a rice cooker and microwave so she could have meals whilst waiting for a cooker to be installed and advocated for her to be high priority on the list after birth. We worked with her health visitor to complete a referral to Home Start for peer and perinatal mental health support, and we have supported her to attend Greater Manchester Sling Library’s Cake for Breakfast clubs. As a result of this intense support, Fatoumatta has now breastfed successfully for 5 months, both she and baby are thriving in their new home and she has been a regular participant in our groups and social activities.

Emotional support & advocacy during pregnancy 

  • New mum package of baby clothes, toiletries and essentials
  • 4 hours 1:1 BOOBS Support 
  • 8 hours of home visits to support mum & baby 
  • Regular packages of nappies and wipes 
  • Home cooked food delivered to her door after birth 
  • Referrals to Home Start & GM Parenting Collective 
  • Attendance at our Mothers Together Peer support group

Fatoumatta says: “When I was pregnant I felt there was no support from anybody. After I spoke to Kim on the phone, you guys were there for me every step of the way, you advocated for me, gave me items I needed, even paid for me to have Gambian food cooked for me in the first week after birth when I was alone. I was so stressed about having to move house just before the baby was born and I hadn’t managed to buy any items for her. Visit from the Stork helped me by taking me shopping and buying essential items for me, enabling me to start paying for items for the house instead. I feel so supported now and I am in a much better place.”